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Our story

Hello darl! We are Hua, Dong and Kai, the crew at Dumpling Mama. After discovered our families and friends in Melbourne cannot find dumplings like our home-made ones, we opened Dumpling Mama in 2018, hand-wrapping Chinese dumplings daily.

Originated from northern China, our special family recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. We adhere to our tradition by using fresh ingredients and make everything including the hand-rolled wrap from scratch. Friends and relatives just love being invited to our house for dumpling meals. At the same time, people constantly talk about their difficulties in finding quality cooking like ours when eating out.

Because of this, we started Dumpling Mama despite it took some time to find good shop location.

We are committed to using the best ingredients, such as high quality flour, naturally-brewed soy sauce, extra virgin olive oil, cholesterol-free vegetable oil, and fresh vegetables.

We aim to provide a unique experience by serving the community with our honesty and high standard, the same way as how we always treat our own families. Enjoy!

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